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Analisi & Controlli

Analisi & Controlli


Analisi & Controlli S.r.l. has been working for more than 50 years in the field of physical-chemical analysis with specific expertise in the marine sector for controlling the bunker fuels quality and monitoring the performance of lubricants during their operational cycle. Other services include monitoring water-tank (Legionella) and sanitizing (water-tanks, cabins, toilettes and rooms) by OZONE. 
A&C is proposing as a technical partner in the MEGA YACHTS sector, able to identify in advance the emerging of serious problems in the motoring section and in the complementary structures functionality before the occurrence of malfunctions and avoiding breakdowns in most severe cases. 
The Laboratories are internationally certified and assistance is provided promptly at a low cost by highly qualified staff.



Via dei Reggio, 2 - 16155 Genova (Italy)
Tel: +39 010 6006331- +39 392 9557733 -

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