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Sunday August 5th: Stella Maris Night in Camogli

Sunday August 5th: Stella Maris Night in Camogli
Stella Maris is the traditional celebration that Camogli inhabitants dedicate to the Holy Virgin, worshipped with the title of "Star of the Sea", and that takes place every first Sunday of August, this year Sunday August 5th.
In the morning a procession of decorated boats from Camogli harbour reaches Punta Chiappa, where the Mass is celebrated by the altar dedicated to the Virgin "Stella Maris".
Everyone can participate to this unique procession: it's enough to have a floating means of transport, otherwise the public motorboats are available for free.

But the real peak of the festival takes place during the night when thousands of tiny lit candles are left bobbing on the waterfrom the boats or from the beach, creating a truly unforgettable sight.

Please find here below the schedule:

- Appointment at 5:30pm by the Hospitality Desk

- Train to Camogli at 5:54pm

- A dive into the beautiful Camogli

- Aperitif or dinner in Camogli


For reservations, please contact Marina Genova Crew Social Manager:

+39 366 8416270

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