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The best places to eat in town

Marina Genova is doubtlessly a wonderful port with dream yachts all year round but it’s also an important city area on the sea where families, friends and colleagues can spend few happy hours together in the biggest eating place in town.

“Eating place” means that you can easily choose where to have dinner tonight , where to get a coffee, where to sip a glass of red wine or to get an ice cream: 8 different options, an ample choice of styles and tastes which make even the most diverse and demanding clientele happy and satisfied, people of different nationalities who live in the Marina every day.

Walking on the docks you find the typical Ligurian trattoria with checkered tablecloths , the true pizza from Naples, thick and soft, the fish restaurant with the catch of the day and the coquillage for the most sophisticated palates, the oriental fusion cuisine and the typical focaccia with cheese, not to mention  the beer corner, the homemade ice cream parlour and the happy hour pub on the seaside.

A huge open air space, with small tables on the docks and long walks on the seaside where beautiful yachts are waiting for their next cruise.

A large free parking area is at the disposal of the eating place’s clients.

for info and booking:

J Class ph. +39 010 8065208
Beer Corner ph. +39 010 6091284
Rossopomodoro ph. +39 010 6143439
Semplicemente +39 010 6091318
Il Pescato ph. +39 010 9914272
Marina Sushi ph. +39 010 8994949
Sapori di Sori ph. +39 010 6519379
Bar RCiarapica ph. +39 010 6001307

In accordance with the latest anti Covid decree, from November 11th 2020 up to new communication, bars and restaurants are closed.

In Marina Genova you can still have breakfast, a snack lunch or a wonderful ice cream by Rciarapica, open for taking away up to 6 p.m. (closed on Monday), an hamburger or a sandwich with a good beer at the Beer Corner ( open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) 
and you can take away or order your dinner meal by Marina Sushi or Pescato ( on line order

NEWS: from November 14th until further communication, during the week ends all promenades are closed in order to avoid gatherings.

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