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Dolce Dormire Genova

Dolce Dormire Genova

Thanks to the long productive experience and the deep knowledge of raw materials and the art of Sleeping, the Dolce Dormire Brand is able to meet the different needs of those seeking a proper and healthy rest. The company’s philosophy - based on the ability to make available to the customer a continuous commitment of technologically advanced resources in the field of research and design - is reflected in the production of mattresses, beds, bed bases and bed accessories that, in compliance with a craftsmanship for over 50 years, responds to the need of customers to rest in a healthy way and in maximum comfort.

The choice of 100% Italian materials is a further guarantee of product quality. We have been present in Genoa for over 20 years and, to date, with 5 showrooms distributed throughout the Genoese territory and one in Milan and the presence of highly qualified and professional staff. We are leader in the production, sale and distribution of rest systems such as mattresses in Memory Foam, Latex, Pocketed micro-springs and Bonnell Springs, Technical, etc.; bed bases in steel or wood in the classic (fixed), manual and motorized versions, pillows in Memory Foam, Watergel, Lattice, relaxation armchairs, etc; Class 1 products for the fireproof line, certified and approved 1IM by the Ministry of
the Interior. Our entire range of proposals is guaranteed and certified 100% Made in Italy, with products also made to measure. Our business is aimed at both retail and wholesale with a dedicated line of fireproof products and supplies for hotels, retirement homes, communities, rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers, combined with the new Shipping Line, dedicated to the nautical world. In our service we provide free advice, estimates, delivery and collection of used items. The efficient warehouse and well-organized production makes us able to offer the ability to customize the final
product, while still guaranteeing a dynamic service, with precise, punctual and timely deliveries. All this to guarantee a "Dream sleep".

The product catalog presented by Dolce Dormire is constantly expanding in the name of the unique search for cutting-edge, durable and top-quality products in terms of raw materials. The entire range of choices is based on criteria which embrace every need of every possible customer, always keeping Made in Italy and the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the product itself as its main mark.
The staff is always updated on the technical aspects related to the world of rest and well-being, together with the basic notions related to Interior Design (in order to guide you in the choice of coatings, optionals, colors etc.). Furthermore, the humanistic and empathic aspect is always privileged towards the needs of those who turn to us in search of a solution for their well-being.
The Dolce Dormire Brand is constantly evolving in every aspect, thus keeping up with today's times and the different market needs, especially by expanding the range of products available in order to satisfy every need submitted in the most meticulous way.


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