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Officina Cassano

Officina Cassano
The Officina Cassano is an efficient car workshop born in 1966 in Sestri Ponente, thanks to the passion and professionalism of the whole Cassano family. Our proven experience, brodcasted from generation to generation, has allowed the Officina Cassano to satisfy motorists throughout the whole Liguria. Now, thanks to a partnership with a specialized professional in the nautical sector, we expand our horizons to a clientele on the water. We install tow hooks on any vehicle and we provide our mechanical experience in the nautical sector, especially for Yamaha outboard engines.



Officina Cassano

16154 Genova - Sestri Ponente
Via A Travi, 67 r.
Tel +39 010 65 31 598 / +39 391 34 70 668