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Supply Force One

Supply Force One

After years behind a counter of a ship chandler, we decided to climb on board to personally verify your needs or problems, reducing costs and offering the best price.

Our young company with experience in the industry, offers an extensive supply of articles for the bridge (instrumentation, nautical charts and publications, safety systems...) deck (cleaning products teak, hull, chrome..., paint, resins and consumables...) engine room (spare parts, oil, cleaning product, additives, tools...), Interior (cleaning product, crew and guest drinks, uniforms...). Also will be proposed and tested on board the best products to provide a single solution for all applications that it needs with free and fast quotes .

We can supply any product of any brand

Also a very nice aspect is the search of the best food, we offer high quality basic foods, such as meat, fish, fruit and a range of craft products such as pasta, pesto, cheese, oil…

Finally, our company will also take care with regard to non-structural work on board for problems or repairs of carpentry, woodworking, restoration, electricity, oil-pressure and upholstery.

With our company you will have an ally who will support where required also outside the Ligurian ports.

Supply force one: Every problem, one solution



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