Genoa is an extraordinarily wonderful city, offering a variety of pleasures and discoveries: Genoa boasts the largest medieval city centre still in use in Europe, which makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site; home to a vast cultural and artistic patrimony, traditions of excellence initiated here and used the world over; there are plenty of other unexpected innovations around every corner of this magical city. Obviously the best way to unlock the secrets, unveil the city and really experience its delights are by utilising the knowledge of native expertise, get carried away by the imparted intimacy and authenticity. Feel the very soul of the city.

Albaro e Boccadasse

Albaro e Boccadasse
Nowadays Albaro is considered the most glamour and elegant district in Genoa, located on the hill not far from the city centre, it used to be a holiday resort for the aristocratic Genoese families.


The hill descends toward the sea reaching Corso Italia with its prestigious residences and the old maritime village of Boccadasse.


Boccadasse, with its pastel shaded houses, all placed one on top of another and facing a small bay, has been preserved almost untouched, becoming one of the most popular places of interest in Genoa.


It is a lively and buzzing village, where some fishermen still carry on their old craft. Now, next to them, there are ice cream shops, restaurants and small art galleries.

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