Genoa is an extraordinarily wonderful city, offering a variety of pleasures and discoveries: Genoa boasts the largest medieval city centre still in use in Europe, which makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site; home to a vast cultural and artistic patrimony, traditions of excellence initiated here and used the world over; there are plenty of other unexpected innovations around every corner of this magical city. Obviously the best way to unlock the secrets, unveil the city and really experience its delights are by utilising the knowledge of native expertise, get carried away by the imparted intimacy and authenticity. Feel the very soul of the city.

Centro Storico

Centro Storico

One of the largest in Europe, Genoa’s historic centre unwinds in an intricate maze of alleyways (caruggi) and small squares; the soul of the city lives here in these alleyways, where smells, tastes, and cultures have combined throughout history. 
Porto Antico

Porto Antico

Redesigned by Renzo Piano in 1992, Genoa’s Old Port area has now become a mecca for tourists, who come here to enjoy an “aperitivo”, dine, shop, take a trip to the cinema, ice skate, or go for a swim at the pool. 

La Lanterna

The very symbol of Genoa: rebuilt in 1543, it stands on a 40-metre-high rock, bringing the total height to 117 meters above sea level.  The 172 stairs can be climbed up to the first observation terrace for superb views of the harbour and historic centre.

Castelletto e Righi

The district of Castelletto lies on the closest city high grounds and nowadays it is a bourgeois residential area. Two elevators link the city centre to Castelletto: one elevator links Largo della Zecca, academic area, to Spianata Castelletto, panoramic viewpoint; the other one links Piazza Portello to Spianata Castelletto. Both were built and activated in the first 20 years of the ‘900.

Albaro e Boccadasse

Nowadays Albaro is considered the most glamour and elegant district in Genoa, located on the hill not far from the city centre, it used to be a holiday resort for the aristocratic Genoese families.


Nervi is a lovely place in the East side, popular for the naturalistic beauty and the mild weather. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, brings together sour views and gorgeous sceneries.