Genoa is an extraordinarily wonderful city, offering a variety of pleasures and discoveries: Genoa boasts the largest medieval city centre still in use in Europe, which makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site; home to a vast cultural and artistic patrimony, traditions of excellence initiated here and used the world over; there are plenty of other unexpected innovations around every corner of this magical city. Obviously the best way to unlock the secrets, unveil the city and really experience its delights are by utilising the knowledge of native expertise, get carried away by the imparted intimacy and authenticity. Feel the very soul of the city.

Porto Antico

Porto Antico

Redesigned by Renzo Piano in 1992, Genoa’s Old Port area has now become a mecca for tourists, who come here to enjoy an “aperitivo”, dine, shop, take a trip to the cinema, ice skate, or go for a swim at the pool. 

At the end of the pier, home to the Magazzini del Cotone, with the city’s Lanterna (lighthouse) rising up nearby, you can admire Genoa and its Gulf in all their beauty. The hills form a backdrop to this impressive panorama, brightly coloured by day and lit up at night. 

In addition to the Aquarium, the area offers a host of attractions, such as the scenic Bigo lift (reminiscent - in both shape and name - of the port’s old loading cranes), the Biosphere, The Galata Museo del mare and the Museo Luzzati, housed within the ancient Porta Siberia defensive bulwark and dedicated to the famous Genoese set designer and the renovated Museo Nazionale dell’Antartide, which tells the story of Italy’s expeditions to Antarctica, the world’s most distant, mysterious continent.


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