At the beginning of the 7th century, nobility used to live in luxury abodes in Sestri Ponente, a very popular holiday resort at the time. In 1815 the launch of the first shipyard set forth a new industrialization process which will change drastically the urban layout but at the same time will make the city well known in the world for building glorious ships as the ocean liners Rex, Andrea Doria, Michelangelo, Raffaello and also modern Costa Crociere cruise ships. 

Nowadays Sestri Ponente is one of the most populous districts of the city, hosting about 50 thousand citizens and it has a very strong commercial vocation: the walking street Via Sestri, constantly packed, offers a wide range of different shops. Sestri Ponente habitants have always been very proud of their identity and still treasure a distinctive and always lively independent spirit. 

Since Marina Genova was built, in 2007, the local urban morphology has been deeply changed and requalified.