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Apartments for crew: temporary need and choice for life

Superyachts crew and captains moored in Marina Genova – marina resort and temporarily on site for refitting and maintenance work are increasingly in demand for the apartments at Borgo alla Marina.

Borgo alla Marina, a residential complex with garages, parking spots and shops, was built within the Marina Genova – marina resort area, to offer a high quality housing choice, and this is the reason why over 180 families have chosen to live by the sea, still very close to the city and to the main communication routes.

A growing demand for rentals has led the Management of the Marina to set up small and medium-sized apartments, not yet sold, fully furnished dedicated to crew and captains of Superyachts moored at Marina Genova or temporarily on site for works. An excellent temporary accommodation that in more than one case has turned into a lifestyle choice for commanders who have decided to buy an apartment at Borgo alla Marina and moved their families there.

Marina Genova – marina resort is thus increasingly affirmed as a “Superyacht Marina Village” but not only floating.