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Ice Lady Patagonia II at Marina Genova from August 3rd to 8th

The journey made by Ice Lady Patagonia II is a completely private initiative, born from a group of Argentineans who are passionate about sailing, who have been going through different areas of the Argentinean Sea for more than 15 years, documenting the natural beauty of the country and the fruits of the exploration of the place. from many Argentineans, creating campaigns for the protection of environmental wealth.

The boat, in its European itinerary will visit, in addition to that of Genoa, several ports in Italy, Spain, France and Greece, just to name a few.

At Marina Genova it will be moored from 3rd to 8th August and it will be possible to visit for free the exhibition that Ice Lady Patagonia II brings on board, which aims to promote the southern seas of Argentina and raise awareness on the importance of preserving the marine environment every day from 3.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

For info: 010/6143420