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SAILING MASTER COURSES April 25 – May 1, 2019

To sailors who wish to grind hundreds of miles and experience, to acquire autonomy in navigation, using the most advanced navigation techniques. 

You will sail in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea, one of the most complex and unpredictable seas, using the techniques of professionals and the ISAF safety stardard at sea, on a boat equipped for ocean sailing in a small crew. Competitors are required in the basic maneuvers and previous experience of coastal navigation on a cabin. The course takes place on the famous NSX42 ITA-15406 “Fieramosca”, a fast and safe boat equipped for ocean navigation. 

On board there will be 5 students and 2 instructors. 

Instructors are experienced sailors with thousands of miles of experience in ocean sailing and offshore racing. The course allows you to learn how to plan and manage a long navigation in the Mediterranean and provides, after the training developed in the early days, to undertake a long-distance non-stop (+ 40 hours), carrying a navigation of hundreds of miles. In the navigation the crew will operate divided into two teams, with three-hour shifts. The participants alternate in the role of head-boat at each change of turn. The course is an extraordinary experience of navigation and life at sea. 


MARINA GENOVA, Via Pionieri and Aviatori d’Italia, 203 – GENOA 

347 4173297 | 347 4173297