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Sea You Talk Blue Marina Awards – 2°


Marinas: Centers of Excellence in the Blue Economy

As part of the 2-day SEA YOU event in the beautiful setting of Marina Genova, now in its fourth edition this year, the Blue Marina Awards conference will be held on April 19th to discuss the role of marinas and tourist ports as gateways to experiential tourism and as catalysts for the growth and enhancement of territories.

With a value exceeding 24 billion euros and more than 540,000 jobs generated, the maritime economy is a cornerstone for Italy, contributing 65 billion euros to the national GDP and placing the country third in Europe in terms of wealth produced, behind only Spain and Germany.

The strategic importance that marinas and ports of call will assume in the future economy is unquestionable, serving as catalysts for new prospects in business, tourism, and culture. Nautical tourism, the beating heart of Made in Italy, is configured as a key sector for Italian economic growth, attracting tourist flows and generating well-being.

Marinas are not just docking places, but true hubs of aggregation, exchange, and encounter, integrated with the environmental, cultural, social, and historical resources of the surrounding area, thus becoming key elements in local tourism development. To achieve these goals, it is imperative to enhance environmental and energy sustainability, as well as tourist reception services of marinas through a virtuous model, supported by competent figures and in line with national and EU guidelines. In this scenario, discussions like the one promoted and hosted by Marina Genova and initiatives like the Blue Marina Awards represent shining examples of commitment to achieving these goals. This is an effective model for enhancing the marina sector, highlighting its strategic importance in the blue economy, and promoting new tourism experiences related to food and wine, lifestyle, sports, and events.

Through the Blue Marina Awards, maritime companies and organizations that stand out for excellence and innovation in promoting sustainability and quality service delivery are celebrated and rewarded, encouraging the entire industry to follow best practices and pursue new standards of excellence. The event on April 19th comes as a high-profile occasion that illuminates the role of ports and marinas in the blue economy and experiential tourism. This meeting serves as a platform for discussing sustainable practices and strategies to improve tourist accommodations, emphasizing the importance of these infrastructures as catalysts for territorial development and environmental sustainability. The meeting will explore the critical role of marinas as gateways to experiential tourism and their key contribution to the sustainable growth and enhancement of local areas. Topics will include exploring sustainable practices that can shape the future of the marine tourism industry, with a focus on those related to energy and the environment, and discussing strategies to elevate the tourism hospitality experience. Crucial topics such as sustainability in marinas, new products to support nautical and experiential tourism, tools to conserve the marine environment, as well as technological innovation for dockside electrification and clean energy production will be explored.

This meeting presents a unique opportunity to explore how these vital infrastructures can become catalysts for sustainable development and excellence in hospitality. The event will also provide an opportunity to connect and network with industry leaders, gain insight into the latest trends, and participate in meaningful discussions that pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future for marine tourism. The program is packed with speeches and will be attended by institutions and key players in entrepreneurship, including the Liguria Region, the City Council, the Coast Guard, Confindustria, Coldiretti, ASSONAT-Confcommercio, Assonautica Italiana, RINA, ONTM, MET Energia, Plus Marine, Poralu, e-Now, and FMS.

Sea You Talk Blue Marina Awards, organized by Walter Vassallo. 
Date: 19th April 2024
Location: Sea You Pavilion at Marina Genova, Via Pionieri e Aviatori d’Italia 203, 16154, Genoa.
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