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Mostes Marina Shipyard

Mostes Marina Shipyard
Via Pionieri e Aviatori d’Italia 105 – 16154 Genova


Mostes Marina Srl: Tel. +39 010 6517891 – Mobile: +39 377 5389055


2023 was an important year for Mostes Marina which, thanks to the acquisition by Seven Seas, confirms its position in the sector of leisure boating. 

Seven Seas Yachts Service was born in the Marina of Varazze, offering ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services for sailing and motor pleasure boats for several years with the aim of assisting its customers in making the most out of their boats. 

Seven Seas Yachts Service confirms itself as the official dealer and service point of the renowned Solaris Yachts shipyard. 

The entry of the new ownership, during 2023, merges two already established structures into a single reality to consolidate their professionalism within the operational base located at the Marina of Genoa Airport. 

The goal of this new beginning is, and will be, to offer increasingly wide-ranging quality services, in total synergy, by strengthening, improving and perfecting the evolving structure and always remaining close to the shipowners in the delicate consultancy and development phase of their projects. 

Thanks to the structure and its collaborators, Mostes Marina Srl is able to manage all the processes that may become necessary, from ordinary maintenance to the complete refit of sailing or motor boats. 

Furthermore, within the structure there is a person dedicated to the intermediation of new and used boats, someone from many years in the sector, who offers and guarantees professionalism and specific skills in formulating the best offer in relation to market trends and requests of customers.