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Tonissi Meccanica Generale s.r.l.

Calata Gadda, Via Porta Siberia snc – 16128 Genova GE


Tel. +39 010 771158 – Fax +39 010 712066


Tonissi Meccanica Generale S.r.l. is an official dealer for MAN, Arneson, Lindenberg and Emerson able to support all your needs.

It guarantees great know-how, in fact our staff is composed by qualified technicians, who periodically attend refresher courses, conducted directly by our represented houses.

Our company is able to offer many services such as:

  • Management of activities for usual and special maintenance
  • Instrumental technical examinations to verify the maintenance working conditions
  • Technical surveys
  • Sale of original spare parts with 2 years of warranty
  • Logistical support in the Mediterranean area for the management of technical problems or for every kind of need
  • Technical analysis about the opportunity to change or substitute the transmissions, propulsion or control plants of your boat
  • Management of services dedicated to the adjustment or remake of engine room and board plants due to new motorizations or technical upgrades
  • Tanks cleaning and preventive fuel treatment, a special service that will allow you to avoid expensive maintenance on your engines, due to fuel deterioration. 

Tonissi Meccanica Generale Srl is moreover a partner for the management of your boat regarding every shipyard need. Our strategic position, in the port of Genoa, supported by a shipyard with travel lift of 110 ton, is our strong point.