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Genoa is an extraordinarily wonderful city, offering a variety of pleasures and discoveries: Genoa boasts the largest medieval city centre still in use in Europe, which makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


At the beginning of the 7th century, nobility used to live in luxury abodes in Sestri Ponente, a very popular holiday resort at the time. In 1815 the launch of the first shipyard set forth a new industrialization process which will change drastically the urban layout but at the same time will make the city well known in the world for building glorious ships.


The East Ligurian Riviera offers a wonderful route that goes from Gulf of Genoa to Val di Magra, close to La Spezia. The West Riviera is characterized by stretched and gentle sides, with mountains usually far away from the coast; wide valleys descending toward the sea where they open in small ground lands; sandy inlets watched by several capes, like Cape Noli, Cape Mele,…


Discover the wonder of the scenographic-esoteric park of Villa Durazzo Pallavicini! The Pallavicini Park of Pegli, built between 1840 and 1846 on a project by the architect Michele Canzio, at the behest of the Marquis Ignazio Alessandro Pallavicini, represents an…


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