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The East Ligurian Riviera offers a wonderful route that goes from Gulf of Genoa to Val di Magra, close to La Spezia.  

The East Riviera is characterized by mountains overlooking the sea, with sharp promontories adorned by maritime pines and fringed by picturesque cliffs. 

The coast is often jagged by inlets, bays and shelters. The larger inlets, with sand beaches, are located where the valleys meet the sea. This morphologic aspect of the area makes the landscapes suggestive, uneven and unique.

Enchanted panoramas, almost fairy, beloved by writers who have told tales and made them famous all around the world. This is the East Riviera, Portofino’s, Cinque Terre’s, Gulf of Poets’. 


It goes from the West districts of Genoa to the French border, close to Ventimiglia.  

The West Riviera is characterized by stretched and gentle sides, with mountains usually far away from the coast; wide valleys descending toward the sea where they open in small ground lands; sandy inlets watched by several capes, like Cape Noli, Cape Mele, Cape Berta, Cape Sant’Ampelio. 

Wide sandy beaches are typical of this area and you can find many beautiful and touristic villages, together with the important Port of Savona and Sanremo, known for the Italian Song Festival. The alternation of small bays, long seaside and pebble beaches allows also the most demanding ones to find the ideal location for their relax.